Monday, December 3, 2012

Simple Christmas Door Decor (for basically free!)

Anyone who has been to my house during the holiday season knows that I love Christmas. It's a sensory overload for your Christmas senses. The inside of my house is covered in lights, evergreens, and Christmas cheer. The outside is a completely different story. I've never really wanted to spend a whole lot of time decorating outside for Christmas because I spend all my time inside during the winter. It's generally cold this time of year after all. Except for recently since it's 72 degrees today, but whatever.
I decided to at least spruce up the front a bit. I didn't want anything too heavy because we have a screen door and whatever I put out front had to hang on that door instead of the actual front door. The problem is I don't have any outdoor decorations.  I do, however, have some string, a leftover bow with a twist tie, and gobs of evergreen sprigs.

I also own at least one command hook that I attached to the back of my screen door upside down. On purpose.

 I looped the string and tied it under one of the branches so that the knot wouldn't slip out. Then I attached the bow to cover up the knot. I looped the string on the command hook and there you go! Done!

So I thought. I decided at the last minute to tuck a sprig of rosemary so that when you open the door, you get a whiff of rosemary!

What I like about this project is that it is super light so that it won't damage our screen door. I also like that it didn't cost me anything, which really is the best part. Plus, it makes the outside of our house look less grinchy!

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