Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blessings in Kentucky

Earlier this month, the Bruce Weeks Family Band had the absolute honor of participating in Praise Ministries International's Christmas in Appalachia giveaway. It was a truly humbling experience to be a part of something so wonderful! In 1995,  Larry and Linda Woodson. drove to a poor section of Kentucky with a trunkload of clothes and toys. Each year, they've expanded their giving, and now they have hundreds of volunteers who help with the giveaway.  This year they chose Pineville, KY as the giveaway location. Bell County is the third poorest county in the nation.

This year over 3000 people lined up to get Christmas gifts for their kids! Each venue is different, but there's never enough room inside to hold everyone, so they set up tents outside for people to wait in line until they are let inside the building. We were the musical entertainment for everyone waiting under the tent. While we sang, we ministered while others prayed for those in line. It was beautiful.

Here are some snapshots from our trip.

Jared was "Reginald" for a brief time that weekend. All of the volunteers wore name tags, so we could get inside the building.

Look at all the donations! 
 Each parent had to bring their children with them, and when they made it inside the building, a volunteer would help the child pick out the toys, while the parents chose clothes and shoes to fit their child. Everyone got a fruit basket and a food box as well.

Of course it took a while to get in the building... The first person was in line at midnight; the tent was already full when we arrived at 7 am and didn't empty out until the late afternoon.

 They gave us a nice place to stay, so we wouldn't have to drive back to Georgia without some rest.

It was also Mama and Daddy's 29th anniversary weekend! They are such a great example of love and marriage! I love Mama and Daddy!

Over 3000 people came through the line and heard about Jesus. Over 3000 people received gifts to take home for their children to have Christmas gifts to open on Christmas day. And there was enough to go around! Sadly, the last 400 people didn't receive much, but last year they ran out of items and many people went home empty-handed after standing in line for 10 + hours.

It really is a humbling experience to be a part of something so beautiful. I'm so thankful for my own blessings and for the ability to be a blessing to others. 

If you're interested in participating in next year's event or you'd just like more information, check out

Here's a video recap of the weekend from Praise Ministries International.

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