Thursday, November 29, 2012

Woodland Adventures. In a Skirt.

My sister Katie is a really awesome photographer, and I've been wanting some cute photos of myself because, well, who doesn't want to have a few photos of themselves where they look put together and cute? I normally run around my house (my town, my life) wearing junky clothes and a hoodie because most of my jobs require me to get messy. This was a nice chance to dress up and hang out with my sister. We tromped off to Rope Mill Park in Woodstock at WAYTOOEARLY in the morning, so we could "catch the light," Katie said.

It was FREEZING. But, she made me look cute, so I'll forgive her.

Their Eyes Were Watching God is my all-time favorite novel. Zora Neale Hurston is, as a writer, a genius. As an individual, she was also pretty incredible. I read her autobiography called Dust Tracks on a Road, and I was blown away. I would name a child Zora if Jared would agree to it.

It was such a fun day to spend with Katie. She's amazing. If you're interested in having her do some photos, here's her information!

Katie Weeks Photography on Facebook

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