Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In My Mind, I'm Goin' to Carolina

Technically speaking, Jared and I have gone to Carolina and come back already, but who can resist quoting James Taylor? 

Jared and I went to Bryson City in North Carolina to stay at his grandmother's cabin. (I first talked about the cabin here.) This went up on Sunday and came back home today. We took our time getting up there on Sunday and were basically bums; we watched Modern Family and pigged out on potato soup! I didn't realize it, but we were resting up for our trip to Clingman's Dome. It turns out, Jared was about to pull a fast one on me.

Jared has been looking forward to seeing Clingman's Dome for a while. It's all he's talked about ever since we planned on this trip. We drove up to the lookout point and the view was spectacular!

I thought that was all there was, but Jared said--at the last minute--"Oh, there's a small hike. Just so you know."
Jared has always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail.

That was a sneaky, sneaky trick. We had to climb a really long hill (mountain. it was a mountain.) in order to get to the observation tower. I had to stop 98,709 times before we got to the top. It was a little embarrassing, but it was beautiful.

The views are breathtaking!

 The road to Clingman's Dome is still icy and snowy from Superstorm Sandy.

 We decided to take Tuesday and hang out in town. Last time we came up to Bryson City, we stopped in this adorable bookstore sponsored by the Friends of the Marianna Black Library. They only take cash or checks, and last time we only brought our cards. NOT THIS TIME! Jared and I raided our change jar and brought A TON of change. We totally scored!

What's really cool is the bookstore used to be part of a grocery store that included an old fashioned soda fountain. So, Jared sat on one of the soda fountain stools and counted out our change.

The Smoky Mountain Railroad runs through town all the time.

 Jared and I went to our favorite restaurant in town called Pasqualino's. It's a great little Italian place right on Main Street.  Walking there, I noticed how sad and alone Big Bertha looked on the bridge.

We also drove into Cherokee and we saw this crazy elk just hanging out in town!

It was really nice to relax with Jared.

 I love our little getaway cabin.

And here's a little James Taylor to complete the trip.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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