Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Georgia Marble Festival!

 I had such a great time at the Georgia Marble Festival this year! While Jared was at work Friday night, I piled all of the booth stuff in the garage...It was a lot more than I anticipated.

I really thought I had overestimated my packing skills...
But they don't call me the Pack Master for nothing! I made it fit! Okay, I'm the only one who calls myself that, but I am very good at packing stuff. (She says modestly and humbly...)
Because of my packing skills, Jared had to drive with his knees at his chest. no big deal.
We got to the park at 7 am and we spent the next 15 hours there. We set up, hung out, sold a ton of stuff, and made some new friends! Then we did it all again on Sunday!

Here is some of the prep we did last week!

Even though I had plenty of items, I decided to make four more tea towel pillows because I'm a crazy person.

Jared made nearly 50 Sips of the South lids!

I do a little extra work with Daddy in his sign shop, so I made this cute sign to sit outside the booth!

I gave away chalkboard tags with every purchase!

Thank you Pinterest for this great idea!
 My family band was also the headlining act on Sunday, and the stage set went pretty well, I think! Here are some photos taken by folks in the crowd.

Photos by Bill Benton

Daddy looks like Hank Jr!

My sister is a mandolin beast.

I love how happy Mama always looks!

My Aunt Missy Neese took this photo and I like it because Kate and I are singing at each other. Which is basically what we do anyway.

 Once the festival was over on Sunday (around 5), Jared and I got everything packed up. We stopped by Papa John's, grabbed a pizza, and was in bed by 8 p.m. We were totally exhausted! 

A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped us make this happen. I'd personally like to thank my dear dear dear dear (have I mentioned dear?) husband who patiently did housestuff that I normally take care of while I mumbled randomly about tags and lids and inventory lists, and a thank you to him for helping set up, talk to strangers (Jared is not social by nature), and sell a ton of stuff!  Even more of a thanks to him for being an incredible husband in general because he is truly incredible, y'all. 

I'd also like to say thank you to Melissa for being awesome and for helping us on Saturday even though she probably had bronchitis then. Thank you Mama and Daddy and Katie and Missy and everyone else that helped at all!!!

I love everyone so much and I'm so glad that we made this happen. I hope we go back next year!! I am in the process of updating the Etsy shop because we sold some of the items listed, but as soon as I finish, I will open the shop up again. Phew! It's been a tiresome experience, but I really learned a lot by going to this festival. It was fun too!

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