Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Pretty Up Your Houseplants for the Winter

I've collected quite a few houseplants over this summer. Some were gifts and some were clearance buys I couldn't pass up.No matter how they come into my possession, most of them come with really ugly pots. That was fine when I was leaving them outside to soak in all the summer sunshine. Now that it's getting a little chilly in the mornings and I'm going to be bringing them inside soon, I wanted to make them a little less ugly.  I found a few pots on clearance at the Dollar General for 30 cents (score for the great deal!), but they were still kind of ugly.

I decided to cover one of the pots in chalkboard paint, so I could change how it looks whenever I wanted to. I washed the pot,  and gave it a little scrub with sandpaper so the chalkboard paint would stick. The paint can said to spray two coats and then wait 24 hours before applying a layer of chalk over the entire surface. That "seasons" the chalkboard, and then it is ready for you to use.

This idea is a great way to label your plant with its botanical name or its common name right on the pot, and if you decide to put a different plant in the pot, you can easily change what's on it. Easy peasy!

For another pot, I taped around the center with painter's tape and painted half of the pot pink and the other half purple. I didn't try to make anything perfect, so my line around the center has a bit of a wiggle to it. I kind of like it that way. After I painted it, I sprayed some Valspar clear coat over the pot so the paint will last longer.

 I love the variegation on this Mother-in-Law's Tongue.

These two ideas are so simple to do, and I'm still working on some new ideas! I'll update this post with those as soon as I finish them up. If you make your own versions, please sent me a picture because I'd love to see them!

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