Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photo Friday: Sunday Edition 8.31.2012

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Disclaimer: I was so busy preparing for Armuchee Bluegrass Festival that I didn't have time to do Photo Friday on Friday! I'll just pretend like I didn't miss the date and get back on track! 

 Jared and I went shooting last weekend. This is Jared's 12 gauge Over/Under Shotgun. It was awesome.

Jared's Remington 700 and the Remington 870 that Daddy gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

I think we killed it.

yup. we killed it.

I made these bags when we got back from the range!
This old gift box I use to keep paint from bleeding through my bags has turned into a funky work of art in itself!

On Sunday, the Bruce Weeks Family Band played at Trinity Tabernacle in Jasper, GA. They gave us our private green room with snacks and a ping-pong table. This photo was taken of Jared after a heated game of ping-pong with Katie. HE IS SERIOUS ABOUT PING-PONG.

How cool!?

On Monday, Daddy, Kate and I went to Armuchee to drop the motorhome off so we could get a good camp spot.

Happy Puppy!

I went back to work at Parrie's and while walking up Pinyan Lane I noticed this weird web. Parrie says those are web worms covering the persimmons!

I got the first coat of paint on my door! So excited!!!!
I love this color.

I have the most disgusting infestation of slugs in my mailbox. I honestly have no clue why...

This Parsley Caterpillar will become a black swallowtail butterfly someday!
I hope y'all had a great week and are having a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!

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