Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Friday 8.3.2012

Welcome to Photo Friday, where I share my week in photos! 

My sister came to stay with us for a couple of nights, and she snapped this rare photo of Puck being calm. Please note her green nails. She's pure class.

Ophelia on the other hand...not so classy.

Another cute package! I love taking the time to decorate the package when the item's size allows it!

I designed a new bag this week! After the weekend, I plan on listing it in the shop.
Jared bought me some flowers, but he couldn't find anything large he put them in my stock pot.

I split up the bouquet and put half in the studio. I promise, one day I will finish those curtains!

Again, Ophelia is not classy. She's not even supposed to be on the table. And she's definitely not supposed to eat my gift.
Apparently when I was slingblading the back yard last week, I got into some pretty wicked poison ivy. These two items have been my saving grace this week.

I worked with Parrie this week and she gave me some of the tomatoes we've been growing together. This is just one slice! It would have been even bigger, but I cut some out of it because it was bruised.

I went a little crazy buying dresses this week. I bough 4 in total, but one I'm saving for cooler weather. Puck approves of the bottom one I think. 

Jared picked a great shirt to wear on voting day! 

This week has been pretty awesome (and itchy).

Upcycled Downriver and The Bruce Weeks Family Band will be at Toccoa Valley Campground in Blue Ridge, GA tomorrow.  There's a free concert at 6:30, so come be with us! I'll be putting the shop in vacation mode, but I'll be back on Monday!

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