Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo Friday 8.24.2012

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It's hard to tell from this picture, but I weeded our front flower garden! I think our house is so cute!
Recognize that painters tape and that color?
FINALLY FINISHED THE CURTAINS! I'm going to post a tutorial soon!
One of my music students' brother gave this to me after he tried to steal Big Bertha. He's like a little sour patch kid.
I can't wait to add these stickers to my orders!
This cast iron skillet is one of my prized possessions. When Jared's MeMaw passed, I inherited this perfectly seasoned skillet.
I get so excited about clearance plants! I don't know their botanical names, but that's Mother-in-Law's Tongue on the left and Jade on the right.

I made a little crown for Daddy to wear at church out of a toilet paper roll. I think this is such a cute little idea! Maybe I'll do a quick tutorial for this too! It is easy peasy!
Here's the birthday boy in his crown. I should have made it taller because his hair blocks it!

This week has been super productive! I love it!

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