Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Friday 8.17.2012

Welcome to Photo Friday where I share my week in photos! Follow me on instagram @TristanTuttle !

This week has been jam-packed with stuff, but first...

Puck had stayed up all night sick, and once she seemed to feel a bit better, I let her on the couch...she looked so pitiful, but then she looked happy!

Jared and I went to an incredibly beautiful wedding!

This little vignette was outside of the porta-potties. They were hidden behind the giant piece of tin. I've never seen such cute porta-potties in my whole life. 

Bethany and her father.

The reception! The entire wedding was absolutely gorgeous!
We've been recording Kate's solo project, so I made a little photo grid of our time in the studio this week! 
Katie has written some really anointed and beautiful gospel songs. 

Here she is being interviewed by Peter Chagnon of Newlife FM!

While working at Parrie's this week, I saw the fog settling over this little walkway and I had to snap a picture.

A beautiful swallowtail butterfly at Parrie's!

I've been working on organizing this house, and these Goodwill baskets (plus one more not pictured) are going to help me accomplish my goal!

I've started a collection of plants in odd containers. A cactus in a glass shoe that my grandma gave me and a mystery houseplant in a shell. I bought the shell at the goodwill too!
Jared and I went on an impromptu date to Olive Garden. Jared always gets the never-ending spaghetti and meatballs and every time he regrets it. 

To some, this is just an empty chair. To me, this is a symbol of progress. That chair has not been empty in a year and half. It has constantly been covered in construction materials, tools, computer parts, etc., but not anymore!
 I'm really proud of the progress I've made this week on getting the house organized and together! I'm hoping to put together a whole post about it once I'm finished! How close are y'all to accomplishing your goals?

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