Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Annual Crafty Camping Trip!

Success! Originally we were going to spend Friday and Saturday night camping and pack up Sunday morning and come home, but due to new job schedules and a couple of other things, everyone didn't get up there until Saturday, but it was a blast! We tubed the Toccoa River, stuffed our faces with BBQ and other foods that Mama and Daddy made (they were already camping there) as well as smores, took cat naps, watched Men in Black 3 at the Swan Drive-In, and nearly froze to death Saturday night. It was awesome! I'm hoping next time we can get at least 2 days in, but we'll see!  Here's some visual proof!

We were only 5 feet from the water!

Jared was embarrassed by our attempts to put up Kim's tent, but WE WERE TRIUMPHANT!
See? We totally did it!

Kate looks like a woodland nymph hanging out near this tree!

Daddy can cook anything, anytime, anywhere. I grabbed this photo from Mama's facebook page!

Photo courtesy of Katie!

EAT ALL THE BBQ!!! (taken by Katie!)

He's got such a sweet face!

The Swan in Blue Ridge is the best place to catch a movie. A double feature is only 7 bucks a person!

I love these people! From left to right: Chrissie, Kim, Katie, Jared, Me, and Ashley!

Next time, I hope more of our Crafty Day crew can make it! One more shot before I sign off to make everyone totally jealous of our weekend:

Thanks for the photo Kate!

Jared and I have decided we're moving here someday.

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