Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Be joyful because it is humanly possible."

Wendell Berry said that, and I think it's wonderful. Here are some of my most recent pockets of joy this past month.

Kate added this great picture of the booth at Armuchee Bluegrass Festival. I love it! What a great weekend!
Ophelia decided to hang out in the bag I was collecting trash in. So cute. Even if she is crabby.
Jared bought us a great little car to save gas! It's ugly as homemade sin, but it drives like a little go cart AND gets 38 MPG! We named her Big Bertha.

We celebrated the first year of Damiao's life this month! Such a wonderful child from a wonderful friend. Check out Heather's website: www.maewares.com.

We went to see The Isaacs in concert a couple of weeks ago. They are an incredibly tight family band with incredible harmonies! They are so talented, even their soundman has won 2 Grammy awards. I didn't even know that was possible.

This is where I get to work. Amazing.

Kate helped me figure out how to paint chevrons on my new curtains!

This little face always makes me smile.

Such wonderful blessings are everywhere if we just open our eyes to them.

I hope y'all have found your own pockets of joy.

I'm putting the store in vacation mode on Wednesday because we're taking a bit of a vacation, so if any of y'all would like to place an order, today is the last day for two weeks! Thanks so much!

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