Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pockets of Joy

There's been quite a buzz around the interwebs about Intentional Living. I really like the idea of soaking up all the goodness around us and being aware of it. As a culture, we are so focused on how everything affects us negatively, that we very rarely notice when good things happen to us on the small scale. I recently read Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon (purchase here if you know what is good for you) and he includes this quote by Nicholson Baker:
"If you ask yourself, ‘What’s the best thing that happened today?’ it actually forces a certain kind of cheerful retrospection that pulls up from the recent past things to write about that you wouldn’t otherwise think about. If you ask yourself, ‘What happened today?’ it’s very likely that you’re going to remember the worst thing, because you’ve had to deal with it—you’ve had to rush somewhere or somebody said something mean to you—that’s what you’re going to remember. But if you ask what the best thing is, it’s going to be some particular slant of light, or some wonderful expression somebody had, or some particularly delicious salad."
I love this quote, and I never would have known about it unless I had read Kleon's book. Austin Kleon is quickly becoming a hero of mine. Another hero of mine, Katie Daisy, illustrated a really stinkin' cute gratitude notepad that I bought for two reasons. 1. I love Katie Daisy's work. 2. It is really stinkin' cute. I've been using it every night for the past week or so. Here's my first one:
The text reads: 
bingo winnings 
a happy grandma
Keith Whitley
Katie not being dumb
Mama's laughter
funny pets

And after a week or so:

It's really wonderful when you look back and see all these little things that God has blessed you with and otherwise you might not have noticed. So here's my plan. I hope to share with you on a regular basis these little pockets of joy that keep popping up in my life.

One really awesome thing that is happening is Jared and I are swapping our current office with our guest room. The guest room will soon be a new studio that I share with Jared! The funky chair in the picture above was given to me by my brother-in-law to go in the studio. I've been cleaning and clearing out three (basement included) rooms in preparation for this room swap, and it feels really good to be purging junk and replacing it with things that are beautiful and functional.

This sweet puppy was so tuckered out after helping me clean out the basement. She looked so sweet and peaceful in Jared's lap, I had to take a picture. She's a precious pup. 

 Ophelia is enjoying the chair Ian brought over. The color combination of her fur and the chair makes me really happy. 

A very sweet student brought me this flower to put in my hair tonight. 

I've really enjoyed keeping up with all the little (and big) things God has sent my way. I'll keep y'all posted on these pockets of joy, and I hope y'all will share with me some of your own pockets of joy!


  1. You are my hero :) I think I might start a little book like that! Always a good idea to focus on the happy things.

  2. You should definitely do it! It definitely helps you keep a positive outlook! and if I'm your hero, that's a big pair of shoes to fill!


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