Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Armuchee Bluegrass Festival was awesome!

The Bruce Weeks Family Band Road Mobile

This weekend at Armuchee was the best yet, in my opinion. Not only because the music was awesome (it was) and the food was incredible (it always is.), but because of the wonderful people I met. Friday morning, I was so excited I gathered up all of my things and left them by the door waiting for time to leave!

 I didn't set up my booth Friday night because by the time we got there it was really too late, but Saturday morning, I set up shop and almost right away met a really lovely woman named Sherri. She is an ovarian cancer survivor and had the sweetest spirit about her.  The doctors found the cancer while treating her for endometriosis, which she says was a God thing because ovarian cancer is sneaky and hard to detect until it is often too late. Praise Jesus for his mercy, I say! She also had very good taste because she bought some of my items for sale!
Such a great lady!
I also met this really cool girl named Tisha and her mother Mama D. They hung out with me for a while and gave me some really good ideas for Upcycled Downriver. Here's Tisha with her Sips of the South:
She also had a pretty sweet guitar named Gidget.
This weekend was pretty productive in terms of sales (YEESSS THANK YOU JESUS AND MELISSA FOR HELPING ME!) and I tried a new booth layout. Normally at this festival, my friend Josh sets up under the tent with me and sells boiled peanuts, but this year he didn't, so I made my booth more like a store where everyone could come in and look around in the shade. I really think this made a difference, and I'm going to do this every time I set up now! Look at how cute it looked!

These bags are new items and will be listed in the shop soon!
They're made out of vintage tea towels!

A really lovely man named Phillip let us borrow his outlet on his camper to run our lights, which I thought was very nice. I love how the tent looks all lit up!

After the stage shows were over that night, I went back to the camper and sat around listening to people jam and tell wild stories which, as every bluegrass festival veteran knows, is a must. Other "musts" include: staying up all night, eating gobs and gobs of food, consuming large amounts of sunflower seeds and Dr. Pepper, and getting bit by bugs.

I love bluegrass festivals so very much! I truly love the people. A man came up to the tent to tell me how he thought our band was really good and how even though he's only been playing mandolin a short while and he didn't consider himself to be very good, everyone he spoke with was encouraging him and telling him that he did amazing and to keep it up. That's the kind of people that are a part of this music. Just truly wonderful individuals.

I had a blast and I hope that everyone that came had as good a time as I did. I made a little video on my phone of part of a jam, but the visual quality isn't very good. The audio is the best part, so enjoy this little snippet of some really awesome friends playing "Freeborn Man." Sadly, for some unknown reason, I stopped recording far too soon.

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