Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saturday in Jasper!

Mama, Katie, and I spent last Saturday in Jasper selling wonderful goodies that we've made. Luckily, my sister had her wits about her and took a few photos!

This young man wanted something to put his tasty lemonade in, so he bought a mini Sips of the South, and quickly became our spokesperson! He was a wonderful kid! 

Come on, who could resist buying lemonade from that face?!

As a bonus treat, here's a video of us after we headed back to my house once the sale was over:

It was a fun time! Plus, we gave away a lot of information about our church since we go to church in Jasper. I hope everyone that saw us enjoyed talking to us and maybe some will come out and see us at church! For those who are interested, we have church every Thursday night at the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce. At 7 pm there is FREE food and then bluegrass-gospel music at 7:30 followed by preaching. It's a good time, y'all!

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