Monday, January 16, 2012

Things I'm Thankful for this Morning

My life is pretty much wonderful, but here's why it's wonderful lately.
  1. I started trying to get a bit healthier and in the process I've gone from 169.0 to 160.2 since January 2nd. It hasn't been too hard either. I've been following The 17 Day Diet (which sounds stupid and faddish, but it's legit and more of a lifestyle change than a diet) and instead of eating junk and drinking a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper each day, I've been eating fresh foods and I feel so much better. I even sleep better!
  2. Jared. He is always wonderful, but lately he's been even more so. He has done a couple of really big projects lately that we've been talking about for a long time all while working full time, running his own computer business, building commissioned sub-woofer boxes, reselling guns and stereo equipment, playing in the worship band etc. I can definitely say that he is a hard worker and an excellent provider. The deck and the fire pit are incredible and I hope to do a couple of posts about them in the near future! 
  3. I've been getting to spend more time with Mama and Katie. When we're on the road playing music every weekend, I get to spend some pretty quality time with them, but lately we haven't been traveling as much because of the holidays and the fact that we're always slower in the winter time. Lately, we've been hanging out every weekend, checking out thrift stores, going roller skating, watching movies, etc. It's been really  nice and I've missed that opportunity to hang out and see what's going on in their lives and tell them all the stuff I'm excited about or working on!
  4. Jesus loves me. This one needs very little description because if y'all know Him, then you understand why my life is wonderful.
Are y'all thankful for anything this morning?

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  1. Hello Tristan such a blessing to hear all the wonderful things going on in your life and that its all because God loves us so much I will never forget the day I became his child at 10 years old before that I didn't even know if God was or if He was real I'm so thankful He said whosoever I QUALIFIED He has been my best friend ever since I'm thankful for the blessed life He has given me and for letting my path cross with you and your family love ya'll hope to see ya soon


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