Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I haven't read the article in The Talon about me yet, but hopefully I will soon because I have asked people to bring me a copy home from school since I don't go there anymore(!!). I should get to read it today and i'm excited! After the article was published, I got a message on facebook from a girl who was also featured in the magazine and she wanted to know if I would be willing to come to KSU's Earth Day Festival and be a guest! This is an excerpt from the message:
As a guest, you would have the opportunity to show off your work, explain what you do and why you do it, and also get recognition for being an awesome individual working towards a sustainable (and artistic!) community.

So cool! Its set for April 21st and there's not much information just yet, but I'd really like to do it! I think it would be fun!

Second cool thing!
My friend Sharon that I met through Freecycle has asked me to go next week and meet with her friend who owns a folk-art shop because she might be interested in having some of my things in her shop! That would be awesome if it worked out!

Okay, back to wedding-related freakouts/projects! only 18 more days until I marry Jared! oh gah...only 18 more days! so much stuff left to do!