Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Tuttle To-Dos for 2012

Here it comes y'all. It is the obligatory end of the year list of goals and whatsits for next year.  This list isn't so much a list of resolutions as it is a list of things we are going to accomplish over the next year. Jared and I discussed them together and this is a plan of sorts.  At the end of 2012, I'm going to re-post this list with the things we accomplished crossed out. This is kind of a long list, so I apologize in advance if it bores you or whatever, but this is the best way we could think of to hold ourselves accountable! I've broken the to-dos into different categories to keep us organized!

House/Yard Goals
  • ·         Decorate the hall stairs with funky frames
    • I have a ton of framed pictures, but I don't want the stairs to look plain and boring, so I'm planning on painting them and thrifting some other cool frames to hang up.
  • ·         Finish the deck
    • The deck is almost finished, but we still need to add some more pickets, a concrete landing and stain as well as decorate and move my giant fountain I made over to the house to put on the deck! How exciting!
  • ·         Fire pit
    •  Jared and I really want a fire pit, but we want it big and we want to do it ourselves, so we're still in the planning stages.
  • ·         Fix the bathtub 
    • It does weird things. It needs fixing. 
  • ·         Build a gun room
    • Jared loves guns and has envisioned a room with jail cell doors and the way he describes it sounds really cool!
  • ·         Fix the attic for storage
    • Too many Christmas decorations, not enough space.
  • ·         Replace light fixtures
    • We've already replaced several, but the ones left are builder's grade and UGLY AS SIN.
  • ·         Finish insulating the garage
    • Jared started but he's got big insulation plans!
  • ·         Landscape front and back yard
    • This would include a flagstone stepped pathway to the fire pit as well as some nice bushes, perennials, yard elements, etc.
  • ·         Build swings from old kitchen chairs
    • I found it here on Pinterest, and it leads to a website in a mystery language. It looks awesome and Jared and I already bought the chairs for it!
  • ·         Have a better compost set-up
    • I currently keep a compost keeper on the counter and when it's full, I take it out behind our fence and dump it. It's better than throwing all that food away, but it's not a very effective way to compost.
  • ·         Find a stained glass window to hang in our home
    • I just think they are beautiful and I stalk Craigslist looking for one out of an old church or something. and I will find one some day.

Personal Goals

  • ·         Get more organized
    • I have a crafty corner that is in such disarray it is embarrassing and ridiculous. 
  • ·         Set a schedule for housework, crafts, music and business
    • I really need to do this. Poor Jared ends up with no clean clothes because I hate laundry, so I put it off to the last minute, and then he's got his 7th grade basketball uniform to wear and nothing else. Maybe Wednesday could be laundry day. 
  • ·         Setting aside more time for bible study
    • I fail miserably at this, and Jared and I both want to make this a priority in our lives.
  • ·         Be healthier 
    • Jared suggested this while eating skittles.

Business/Financial Goals
  • ·         Try to average a certain amount of sales each month
    • I'm still trying to figure out what number would be a reasonable goal and what I should do to help me get to this goal.
  • ·         Set aside one day a week to craft towards Upcycled Downriver stuff
    • Maybe Wednesday when I'm done with laundry?
  • ·         Get more music students
  • ·         Get more work like I do with Parrie
    • I love working with Parrie. She is so wonderful and I'm learning so much about gardening and life and how to be awesome. 
  • ·         Do more freelance work for different publications
  • ·         A new job for Jared
  • ·         Set up more booths
    • This is already in the works! Stay tuned for new locations!
  • ·         Start investing our money
  • ·         More computer business for Jared through advertisements, etc
  • ·         Collective income increase by $500 a month by year’s end 
  • Save more money with more effective couponing and homemade cleaners, etc.

Travel Goals
  • ·         Go to Savannah
    • The plan is to go for our 1st anniversary!
  • ·         Go on a road trip out west
    • June 22!
  • ·          Go to the Gulf of Mexico in Florida
  • ·         Go to the Bryson City cabin twice
  •      Go on a Crafty Day Camping Excursion to Blue Ridge in April
  • ·        Go to to better festivals as well as the old standards
    • I'd like to go play music and sell my arts and crafts at a bunch of different festivals in the coming year! I love the festivals we go to now, and I want the chance to make new friends and see new faces!

Craft/Skill Goals
  • ·         Learn to knit
    • Connie has promised to teach me!
  • ·         Make my own bath scrubs and salts
    • Found cool recipes on pinterest!
  • ·         Learn Linux
    • This is obviously one of Jared's goals! I didn't even know how to spell Linux.
  • ·         Improve my painting skills
    • I got so much painting stuff for Christmas, and there's no excuse for me not to become a better artist!
  • ·         Learn to be a better cook 
    • Jared and I both want to improve our skills! I'm going to try for 3 new recipes a month and see how it goes.
  • ·         Build a found object mobile
  • ·         Use my welder
    • Jared gave me one for Christmas last year, and  I haven't had much of an opportunity to use it.
  • ·         Build a go-cart
    • Jared is obsessed.
  • ·         Make more things I've pinned on Pinterest
    • PINTEREST IS WONDERFUL and is basically a giant to-do list in itself.
  • ·         Practice and improve on guitar and mandolin
    • There's no excuse for me not to be a better musician than I am. This is on every list of goals I ever make.
  • ·         Banjo improvement
    • Jared says ditto for him on the last bullet.
  • ·         Jared’s mom’s windchimes
    • Jared made us some windchimes that are taller than I am, and he promised some to his mother.
  • ·         Make bunting
    • I love bunting and want it hanging over every available surface in our home. 

So, there you go. The Tuttle To-Do list for 2012. I don't think these things are impossible to accomplish, and I think we can do it. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crafty Christmas Party!

Here are some photos from our Second Annual Crafty Christmas Party! All photos were taken by Katie Weeks Photography!

I hope your Christmas was full of love and wonder for Jesus and his wonderful gift to us.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cheer!

Things have been crazy here at Headquarters, so I have neglected blogging. I hate that. So, to make up for my lack of posts, here is an incredible picture my friend Kim made of Puck in a Christmas scene. To see all of the wonderful hilarious photos she made, go here.

Merry Christmas from Puck!