Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I am obsessed with chalkboard-ing things now. Ever since I worked on this chalkboard project, I am seriously looking at everything and envisioning chalkboard paint covering it.

Here's a little tutorial showing y'all how I made my chalkboard mirror complete with pitiful cell phone photos because my camera died.

This chalkboard started out as a mirror that I bought from a yard sale held by a nice couple down the street from my parents. I paid three dollars. It was originally white, but in a fit of ridiculousness, I painted it all spotty and weird to bring to craft shows. There are some remnants in this first photo.

Before I began painting, I took the mirror off the back and separated it from the frame. Then I picked out the awesome blue paint that I had floating around in my paint box and began painting.

After it finished drying, I took it to the garage and sprayed Valspar clear-coat sealer over it and let it dry. While that was drying, I scuffed up the mirror with sandpaper so the paint would stick to the mirror and followed the directions on the chalboard spray paint.

I followed the instructions applying two coats both horizontally and vertically and then waited 24 hours before I tried writing anything on the chalkboard

It was so hard to wait! As soon as it was dry, I rubbed chalk all over the surface to "season" it, and then it was ready to use!

This was a seriously easy and fun project! If y'all try any chalkboard projects of your own, let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FREE SHIPPING on Tea Towel Pillows!

I've been reconsidering the pricing for some of my items and I've decided that I want to offer free shipping on my tea towel pillows! Be sure to check them out!

Here's a link!

Y'all be praying for me. Daddy's bought a new camper and he asked me and my dear friend from MaeWares, Heather, to recover the seats from it. This is turning into the project from Hell. We worked for four days and it turns out, we used the wrong type of material, the thread was all wrong and we had to start over. OVER. Hopefully we'll be finished soon and I can finish up the chalkboard tutorial I'd like to have up on the blog soon!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Watercolors by the Water

This weekend was amazing. Jared and I went with my family to camp by the Toccoa River. We've camped there for years. The last time we camped, we borrowed an air mattress from a friend with disastrous results. In the middle of the night the mattress went mostly flat with just enough air left in it so that when Jared got up to re-pump it, I went crashing into the ground resulting in an S-shaped curvature of my spine! We ended up sleeping in our anti-gravity chairs outside of the tent under the stars with the river rushing past us at our feet.

It really wasn't too bad of a night if I'm being honest.

Anyway, to avoid sleeping in chairs outside, Jared bought a fancy-pants air mattress. When I say "fancy-pants," I mean a deluxe model air mattress that is nearly two feet tall when pumped up. It no longer fit inside our old two-person tent.

So Jared buys this tent.

To the outside observer, this tent really doesn't seem that big, but when you consider we can fit two queen mattresses inside this tent with walking room to spare and we are the only two people sleeping in it, it is really big!

Just look at how huge this mattress is!

We spent the weekend riding bikes around the campground, playing music and painting. Jared had a fun time riding my bike as evidenced by this picture:

Every night we played music together under the pavilion by the river. It was absolutely beautiful!

Every morning we had breakfast while sitting across from these two beautiful ladies.

and this strange looking man...

During the day, I experimented with leaf printing. It was fun to search around and find interesting shapes and sizes of leaves to print with. A similar kind of tutorial can be found on Red Bird Crafts here:

Look how cool mine turned out!

I also worked on some watercolors as part of a zentangle project I've been working on. I thought it was pretty neat to get to mix the watercolors with water from the Toccoa River!

This weekend was very much needed. Not only was it refreshing in terms of relaxation, but it was so refreshing to be able to create something with no pressure associated. Art for the sake of art.

Plus, it was nice to wake up to this sweet face.