Saturday, April 10, 2010

Button Tree. FTW!!!!

I have problems with craftiness. My family knows it. Jared has decided to embrace it. My real-life friends are often forced to participate in it and my facebook friends are constantly harassed with my project ideas popping up in their news feeds. I have no doubt that my updates have been blocked by some people who don't want to know what I'm working on at every second.(Isn't that the whole point of facebook though?) Anyway, my newest project is a button tree! The lovely Jess and I thought it might be a cute idea for a centerpiece at a wedding, so I thought I'd try and make a prototype!

My future brother-in-law's girlfriend Callie donated a bunch of hangers for this project and without her the crafty fun would have been impossible!
Here's the finished project:

It was really easy to make. Kind of time consuming, but it wasn't really that bad. I had Jared cut the coathangers in half and then again at the bends beneath the hook so that I was left with two pieces that were pretty much the same. I threw the hook part away. Then I bent the hangers so that they looked more like little branches and bound them together with florist wire. I then threaded buttons onto the wire and attached buttons for probably three hours until I finished!

More pictures!

Katie likes to make funny faces.

and the obligatory myspace angle picture:


The trouble came when I tried to figure out how to keep it standing up inside the house. I had a Patron bottle that was donated to me by someone who knows of my bottle obsession and I filled it with poptops from coke cans (also donated to me. Those were from my future father-in-law)and used those as a filler for the jar. It ended up looking pretty cool I think!

The picture in the frame next to it are from my and Jared's prom. Good times.

Anyway, it was a fun project and I'll definitely make another one sometime soon(ish). or at least as soon as I can compile that many coat hangers and buttons again. Hope you like it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Today was the best day. Period.

Today was craft day with Jess Wal. That in itself is enough to make it a good day, but it was even better because Jared and I went on a walk with Puck.


We also ventured to the creek with Puck and that was an adventure. Puck had never been in the water and it was fun to see her experience something new. It was a nice time for everyone!

Then Jess came over and worked on a super secret project that I can't reveal at this time. I hope that it turns out pretty good. I worked on a new window. My plan was for there to be a giant red heart surrounded by blue. This is what I've got done so far.

I have some turquoise-y blue globs but I didn't have enough, so I'm waiting for my cash flow situation to improve so I can buy the rest of the globs.

I also made a totem birdfeeder for the front of the house. this is it in the messy crafty corner.

and this is it in action!

I closed out the day by listening to this band.
The Cleverlys are Amazing!!!!

So, it's easy to see why today was so amazing. I hope your day was wonderful too!