Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 will be epic.

That's my prediction for the new year. I'm not one for resolutions. I tend to set a goal on January 1st and by January 3rd, my goal is already set aside because of my lack of interest and motivation. I fully expect it to be the same this year, so I'm not going to make any resolutions to exercise more, eat right, give up Dr. Pepper, go to bed and wake up early, blah, blah, blah. I'm just going to know that if I want 2010 to be awesome, I'm going to be responsible for that. I feel as if this idea is one I can hang onto all year.

This past year has been a really great year for me. Jared and I finally found a house after a seemingly never ending search of every foreclosure from Woodstock to Blueridge. It was a long process, but in the end, we found the house for us. More importantly than the physical blessings is the emotional support I have and will continue to have. I spent 2009 surrounded by people that I love like my family, my loving (and long-suffering) fiance, and my amazing friends. I'm thankful everyday for the people the Lord has placed in my life because he has blessed me more than I can comprehend. I have peace in the storm and grace in the wilderness. I expect that 2010 will be no different on this front.

There are somethings that I have neglected over 2009 and I would like to remind myself to take more serious in the new year in no particular order:

1. Music. It's an obviously important thing in my life to those who know me. I spend a great deal of time on the road crammed like a sardine in the motor home with my weirdo family playing music. I neglected my pursuit to better myself as a musician, and I know I could be infinitely better than I am now.

This is the kind of stuff that happens when we're on the road. I get poked in the eye by Katie Weeks.

2. My writing. This could go hand in hand with the music thing. I used to write songs on a regular basis. I had lines to songs floating around in my head that wouldn't quit until I put pen to paper and pick to strings. I have let that part of me go for a while, and I fear I've lost the ability to write a song that's worth anything. I'm going to remedy that. I still journal like a mad woman and still have my magazine internship, but I don't work on my fiction stuff like I've wanted too. My fiction class I took last semester taught me a great deal and I'm continuing that in Advanced Creative Writing this semester. I am not great at fiction writing (or any writing for that matter), but I enjoy it and strive to improve.

3. WEDDING PLANS! Oh man, people! Jared and I are getting married on March 19, 2011 (hopefully the date will stick) and there is a lot to get done before then. I kinda need to focus on that. I am so FREAKING EXCITED!

4. School. I got out of last semester with 5 As, so that's good, but it took over my life. Frankly, there is more to learning than a education. There is more to be learned from people outside of a classroom. I want to do well in school, but not at the expense of my sanity and those around me. I get a little cranky when school's stressing me out.

5. Jesus. He's pretty cool, and I've neglected him for sure. I realize I could never do anything to deserve the blessings I've been given, but I would like to be a better Jesus-lover. I can't explain how much I want to be a better person in this area, so I'm going to quit trying.

6. Crafts. I love crafts. I find it incredibly creatively stimulating hanging out with cool people and making stuff. I think I need to do more of it this year. I could combine number 3 and make WEDDING CRAFTS. oh man!

There are so many things that I hope for in 2010, but mostly, I hope that my family and friends stay safe and happy. I'm always around if any of you need me.

Also, I think there should be more fishing in 2010. I enjoy it.

I realize I've accidentally set goals for myself. Oh well. Happy New Year, friends!