Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm a welding BEAST!

Sorry for the blog silence. I've been recovering from the overwhelming response to my last post. (please note, dear readers, the fact that there are ZERO comments on the last blog post.) There won't be many book reviews in the future! haha

This latest project is a metal face made out of old bike wheels, a shovel head, a rake, and a bike chain. I cut a bicycle apart with a hack saw since it was old and rusty and I couldn't work the wheels off otherwise.
Ignore the crap in the background, please.

The shovel and rake were donated to me by Jared's lovely mother and grandmother. The "eyebrow" is the back part of the rake that attaches to the handle. (That was my sister Kate's idea!)
I am such a beast!

I spot welded everything together and decided to use the bike chain as a hanger. I needed brief assistance holding it still.

Daddy is so brave!

Finally, the finished product!


For some reason, I think this face looks wise. or like groucho marx... one or the other!

And finally, a picture of my sister. I asked her to take pictures of the process for me. This is what happens when Kate has the camera: